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Plant Protection

  • Integrated pest management involving sex pheromone was recommended against tolerance to Phytophthorablight.

  • For management of sweet potato weevil, planting of marigold in alternate rows with sweet potato was found most effective.

  • Application of Beauveriabassianashowed excellent effect against sweet potato weevil and reduced the tuber infestation and improved marketable yield of sweet potato.

  • Yam bean seed extract (YBSE) at 5 and 2% aqueous proved most effective in minimizing Spodopteralituraand aphid population

  • Planting of sweet potato with marigold as border crop at 1:1 alternate fashion advocated for reduction in infestation of weevil with higher marketable tuber yield at Kalyani

  • Yam bean seed extract (YBSE) at 5 and 2 per cent proved most efficacious in minimizing aphid population at 3 and 10 days after first spray as against foliar spray of dimethoate at Dholi and Kalyani

  • Sweet potato intercropped with coriander/ Garlic in 1:1 ratio was found to reduce the weevil infestation of tubers and was recommended to adopt in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal.

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